My appetite for aliveness was born out of my close call with death.

But I have always had a passion for life…

A creative, focused career girl, I started in the music and events industry direct from school at 18. I built festivals and fashion shows, toured with bands and worked with brands to create events over 5 continents.

Passionate about my job and the community I worked in, I Loved the creativity it offered and the excitement that came with being a part of the live entertainment industry

I lived the high life, a non-stop, fast paced world of long days and longer nights. An unstoppable force who relentlessly worked to create the kind of life you see in the movies... 

Work hard, play harder... Nothing fazed me and I practically chewed every piece of life I could bite!

Until the world came crashing in and the unthinkable happened!

In a heartbeat my world turned upside down; the aneurysm I had unknowingly harbored deep in the center of my brain ruptured, putting me deep into a coma where I fought to stay alive for 6 weeks.

Emerging from the blackness was only the beginning, after grieving the loss of my own life I spent 6 long years battling to regain some kind of normality. Learning to walk, talk and swallow was just the start but the hardest battle has been working to regain my cognitive function. 

I was never ‘normal’ before, and I will always persist for the exceptional!

During the ups and down of my 6 years of recovery I came to understand that wellness is an ever-allusive destination. Thriving in the moment and connecting to your own creative energy brings about a sense of aliveness that goes far beyond any ideal that peak wellness brings to mind.

Even in your sickest/weakest/toughest moment, you can meet it with a sense of aliveness that transcends the limitation of the situation.

It was through getting in touch with my creativity that I become my most alive. I problem-solved my heath like I would have in event production. I looked at all the possibilities and then I moved from one problem to the next, looking for solutions and ways to overcome the insurmountable.

Learning to be in my body again has been an ongoing path of discovery, undertaking the laborious task of rewiring my neural pathways. Living with chronic pain after multiple surgeries and from lying immobile for so long brought me to understand the body and its trauma patterns. I have witnessed how stress gets locked into connective tissue, and through breath, movement and intention I have peeled back the layers that have kept me bound.



I want to help people get in touch with their aliveness, help people to become grounded in their bodies and connect to what is real in the world, to not be merely tied to future goals but to invite a positive and realistic awareness of what is true in the moment.