I used to live the high life in the non-stop, fast paced world of event and music festival production. I worked hard and played harder for long days and longer nights. An unstoppable force… until in a heartbeat my world turned upside down; the aneurysm I had unknowingly harbored in the center of my brain ruptured, putting me deep into a coma where I fought to stay alive for 6 weeks. Learning to walk, talk and swallow was just the start but the hardest battle has been working to regain my cognitive function.  

I problem-solved my health like I would have in event production. During the ups and down of my 6 years of recovery I came to understand that wellness is an ever-allusive destination and that aliveness is a present moment experience that can be invited in and felt in the now.

It is through being in touch with my creativity that I become most alive.   

Learning to be in my body again has been an ongoing path of discovery, undertaking the laborious task of rewiring my neural pathways. Living with chronic pain after multiple surgeries and lying immobile for so long brought me to understand the body and its trauma patterns. I have witnessed how stress gets locked into connective tissue, and through breath, movement and intention I have peeled back the layers that have kept me bound.  


I believe that life is about rhythms, cycles and tides, it is not a static state. We learn to work with this flux and become one with it. We become resilient to the ups and downs and gather information to respond to it as we go along.  

 It is my belief that when we restore a sense of balance to the system, it frees up the energy we need to be able to live our full creative expression. We are part of something much bigger than the confides of our own skin, we are part of the whole, and we have access to resources much greater than our own energy. If we can grasp that, then we no longer have to fear what we cannot control, as everything that happens is part of a much larger picture. 

 My passion for creativity is the driving force behind my work, I believe that each one of us has the power to create whatever we want in our life. 


My work is a creative collaboration. I work with people and their tides, cycles and rhythms to help them find the still point in the center of the storm. The point of balance. Together, we will learn how your body adapts through breath, movement and intention.   


By working with the complex inter-web of our nervous systems.

I calm and support the Somatic Nervous System (SNS) with gentle body work and Qi Gong.  

I work with the Enteric Nervous System (ENS) through personalized diets and cleansing programs, with the aim to gently cleanse and stabilize the hormones and repopulate the microbiome.   

I help people to navigate the Central Nervous System (CNS) by exploring and investigating the psyche in a safe way, allowing people to recalibrate their Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) with curious questioning, creative exploration, breathwork and Qi Gong.  

It is my goal to assist you in finding your balance, for you to be able to have the tools to navigate your life and become a capable, knowledgeable and competent human on this life long journey.  

Jo has been studying Cranial Unwinding, MABT, Bodywork and Qi Gong, at the Institute of Psyco-Structural Balancing, Life Energy Institute and the Institute of Medical Qi Gong. Her fascination in interoceptive awareness keeps her constantly researching and studying this ever-expanding field of knowledge. Encompassing breathwork, meditation and sound therapy into her work, she hopes that we will all become more embodied and aware and gain a deeper connection to ourselves and the world we inhabit. After living at the Optimum Health Institute for over 6 months on a work/study program she has witnessed first hand the transformational power of cleansing and has been facilitating cleanses since 2013.