Creative Cleansing’s home is The Lair, a breathtaking (and secret) home studio in the Hollywood Hills.
A resting place for wild animals. A community wellness centre. 
A sanctuary to learn the tools to include new rituals and habits in your daily routine.


Mindfulness; using food, movement, breath and art as vehicles to take us into awareness.
To connect us with ourselves and to the world.
Somatic Mediation, based on Qi Gong and Taoist practices. Led by Jo weekly.


(Private or Group sessions available)
An urban retreat! Jo's cleanses aim to deepen our connection to our body by releasing negative life patterns and cultivating new healthy practices and rituals. Includes food, juices and tea as well as Qi Gong sessions, meditation, wellness workshops and goody bag. To find out more about the next group cleanse or book your own email jo@creativecleansing.com .


Bodywork, therapeutic questioning, nourishment coaching and personal meditation practices. This powerful creative collaboration is a bespoke program giving you the tools to maintain your aliveness.  


Inspire your team to help them make more healthy and creative choices! Jo will work with you and the needs of your business to put together a tailored programme which will include meditation, healthy eating and bodywork.

We work with creative and musical souls and offer everyone the opportunity to participate. Contributions are not always financial, exchanges are considered. Each program is bespoke, like nature, our bodies are not regimented; they are creative, constantly generating life and re-imagining what is possible. 

To stay updated of our upcoming group cleanses, contact jo@creativecleansing.com or find out What’s On.