Creative Cleansing offers a comprehensive scholarship program for all workshops. We believe that healing should be available to everyone and we would love to work with you to determine a program that meets your needs. Email for more information.


Creative Cleansing hosts regular workshops around the world encouraging the art of letting go with mind, body and spirit and the practice of embodying the life you wish to create.

These comprehensive programs focus on cleansing the nervous systems of the body. Creative Cleansing workshops guide you to begin to experience the peace and balance that are essential to make adjustments to your life co-ordinates and set sail in the direction of your dreams. 



Jo’s one-on-one work is a careful creative collaboration. She weaves together gentle questions that help lead the bodywork session and prescribes movement and mediation to be incorporated into your daily life to amplify the shifts you experience together.

Her work is a fusion of sound and touch, light in pressure yet deep in sensation. You can experience profound shifts when you find the point of balanced tension, allowing the nervous system to agree to the change it wishes to make; nothing is forced.

To be held and heard creates the ultimate healing.  

Trusting in your body’s innate intelligence is the ultimate wisdom. 

I am not here to heal you, I am here to witness and support your own infinite capacity to heal yourself. 



Speaking from a place of compassion and vulnerability, Jo shares her journey and her work at festivals, conferences, and events around the world. She is open to sharing her varied and full life story and her path to healing as a template for others to find a journey that speaks to their soul. She is always open to contributing her unique voice and perspective and welcomes opportunities to connect with new communities. 

Email for more information.