I recently experienced my second cleanse with Creative Cleansing. Both cleanses proved to be extremely effective ways to examine my habits, learn more about health and wellness, find balance and detox.  After both cleanses I was left feeling full of energy, knowledge and positivity. Jo brought together two wonderful groups of individuals all seeking to better themselves through cleansing. 

The first cleanse, 4 nights and 3 days was all women.  This was special because the group felt comfortable bringing up any subject that came to mind surrounded by the support of a diverse group of women.

The second cleanse was a 2 night and 1 day "express" detox with DJs.  It was a short cleanse but a highly effective way to reset and bring my focus back to health and wellness.  It refreshed the things I learned in the first cleanse such as clean eating, intermittent fasting, toxin reduction and breathing.  I also enjoyed introduction to qigong and sound healing. I have recommended Creative Cleansing to friends and highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a highly effective, truly enjoyable way to cleanse. 

Lauren Lane; Dj, Producer




Jo equips you with knowledge that makes it easy to flip that switch from destructive routines back to healing, re-energized, focused propriety.  As well her classes provide so much information on great foods, recipes and even hardware for making healthy food and smart product choices for a non-toxic lifestyle.

Cleansing with Jo’s class was a great experience.  She attracts an incredible group of people and the setting at her home / studio is magnificent at 5AM sunrise. Memories of the week will keep your vibrations in tune long after the class is completed.

Finally, another incredible Jo – lesson has been the discovery of Qi Gong.  I have tried Yoga many times and it wasn’t for me for some reason.  I really enjoy Qi Gong, and the more I read and practice the more I am convinced this is another forgotten ancient practice that will reemerge as a profound proactive technique for achieving a long last life.

If you ever have the chance to take a Jo cleanse workshop, do it.  It will potentially add quality years on to your life.  She’s is living proof when you consider what she has done with her own life challenges. 

 Jarrett, Product Architect/ Visual Artist




"Jo and Creative Cleanses are amazing. I’ve done many cleanses before from juice fasts to strict diets, but they usually leave me feeling exhausted both physically and emotionally. By the end I would be so relieved that it was over and I could go back to eating what I wanted. This cleanse was the opposite, I was so full of energy the entire time and at the end I wanted to keep going indefinitely!
Jo has taught me health is so much more than just restricting what you can eat. Yes it’s about eliminating toxins we consume through foods, but, just as important, is eliminating the toxins we absorb from our environment and also stress from people or situations in our lives— something I’ve never seen addressed in other programs I’ve tried. Jo’s unique approach to cleansing really helped me to identify and purge these sources of toxins and stress from my life. I liked that it wasn’t just solely about food, because a healthy mind and body is much more complicated than that. I feel like she really gave me practical and easy to implement ways to incorporate many healthy and mindful practices into my life. I will definitely be doing this again."

Chie Kim, Writer




I want to thank you for her work to elevate the awareness, health and happiness of both yourself and your friends, to help us grow and learn more about our bodies, minds and spirits. I’ve been dilligently studying and applying qi gong for 2 years, and that's what attracted me to the cleanse, while also pairing it with a nutrient rich cleanse for 3 days. I gained great focus, internal strength and awareness, lost a few pounds, and felt happier and healthier when it was done. I believe you have really hit the nail on the head with the cleansing diet. It’s diverse, filling, and most of all tasty. This was the 1st cleanse I’ve done that I wasn’t starving the entire time.

The information on household products, cosmetics and food seemed a bit daunting when read in bulk, but my wife and I have been very successful at slowly weeding out the poisonous items around the house, and replacing them with natural and safe options. 

I truly feel that your warm hearted and enthusiastic approach is contagious and wish you and all your future students the best on their journeys. 

Lee Curtis – Producer, musician, DJ



I was looking to hit the reset button a bit and had never really done a full on cleanse/qigong so wanted to experience the process.

The qigong was helpful in being more connected to my body, understanding the how the body and mind are interconnected, calming/breathing exercises. From the cleansing portion, I learnt about food mixing, identifying triggers in our lives, both physically and mentally, strategies for healthier living and how to implement them into our everyday lives, no matter how incremental. You helped us to understand that you've been on this journey for the last 4 and half years and you are still learning what works best for you, that's comforting to those taking the class knowing that enlightenment is is not an overnight thing. Its really just taking those first steps toward it and continuing that matters. 

It is a great a great introduction into the cleansing and mindfulness process for taking the steps to healthier living. Non judgmental, easy relatabaleness to Jo and other students. Interesting to hear how inner workings of the body and how it relates to our everyday health.

Tom, Broadway Producer




“The cleanse was a transformative moment in my life. I was at a point where I was just putting anything into my body. Bad food, bad energy, just not the nourishing life force I knew I should be consuming.

This cleanse was effective because we met every day. I don’t think I could have done it without that support. The community and sisterhood that developed was so life-changing. During the cleanse I felt challenged but also cleaner and lighter than I’ve ever felt before. I plan to make this a quarterly part of my life.

Erin - Writer



Creative Cleansing was a phenonamal experience that I would suggest to anyone. Beyond the immediate health benefits, the goal-oriented program really helps focus your intentions with incredible support and a touch of spirituality.

Matt Kingsley – Agent CAA




I was dealing with severe allergies and fatigue due to mold exposure from my old apartment when I heard about Creative Cleansing. I knew I had to detox to activate the self-healing properties of my body, but wasn't sure where to begin. Jo created such a warm & welcoming space that I immediately felt at home.

The cleanse was gentle, but powerful. The gatherings in the evening I experienced as very supportive & helpful. Joe is a true light worker, sharing her knowledge and love. My allergies have dramatically improved since doing the cleanse and my overall health and energy has gotten so much better. I'll definitely be doing another "Creative Cleanse" in the near future! 

Karola Raimond, Actress




"'Simply life changing' is the first thing that comes to mind when I share my experience of Jo's Creative Cleansing workshop. With her abundance of knowledge and personal experience

Jo helped to kickstart me into a healthier and happier way of being. It’s not just about the juicing or what you put in your body that helps to keep us vibrant and alive, it’s about the love, and how we share that love with others. Jo is pure love and everything she does radiates love. I’m looking forward to my next Creative Cleansing and I tell all my friends and even strangers about the powerful transformation that I experienced from just 3 days of working and playing with Jo. She makes you want to take better care of yourself because she knows how precious this life is and how well worth it it is to grab on to your life and live it fully and with intention and most of all love. Thank you Jo, for being the catalyst that brought me back to my own beautiful self. I am forever grateful."

Kim, Singer


I just have to say thank you for opening my eyes to a new way of being. The knowledge that I have gained through cleansing, and the awareness that comes with the classes, has changed my life. Learning that the daily choices I make can have such a dramatic impact on the way I look and feel has been truly enlightening.

Mickey Curbishley, Senior V P Touring